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Friday, April 21, 2017

Net Neutrality

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Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is the neutrality of internet. It means an internet where there is no discrimination on accessing of websites or internet services on the basis of speed or data packets or websites. Internet, as always was neutral, should always be kept neutral for development to flourish and innovation to take place.

The internet in most parts of the world is neutral now including India. The White House states net neutrality as: “An entrepreneur's fledgling company should have the same chance to succeed as established corporations, and that access to a high school student's blog shouldn't be unfairly slowed down to make way for advertisers with more money.” Recent developments in India about net neutrality has surged up as a grave issue. The Indian telecom company Airtel has proposed a plan which will allow its users to access certain mobile apps for free with charges being paid by the app makers. Facebook’s Internet.org initiative also imposes threat in the concept of open internet in India. Internet.org allows users to access a selected bunch of sites without any charges through its domain. Facebook defends itself saying Internet.org would allow poor people to gain access to the internet. But this would actually mean poor people getting only a selected number of websites which would have paid Facebook for allowing them in Internet.org. This leads to data packet discrimination. After the internet gets into the hands of telecom operators and they pose restrictions on websites, users will need to subscribe to different types of services and particular websites in order to be able to access them. Start-ups would have to pay huge amounts to telecom operators to even allow their websites or app services to be accessed by people. This would lead to more money for the telecom operators but would also diminish the entrepreneurial aspirations of millions. Giving gateway to the telecom operators for their choice of internet allowance would fetch them good revenue which, in argue with net neutrality, could be used for advancement in network infrastructures and upgradations. But these will eventually only promote those sites which are rich. Famous will get more famous while smaller ventures will not get any scope of developing and growing further.

The freedom of the internet is of utmost importance for the good of the society. It is a platform which needs to be kept open for any individual, company, organization or group to prevent any monopolistic upsurge.


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  1. Loved this one!! And whoaa!! You have added references!! Love this professionalism !! And really proud to see you writing with such maturity

    1. These were all written some time back. They were academic work.


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