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Friday, November 4, 2016

KK - the most underrated singer !

Posted by Subham  |  6 comments

For example, there was a song in The Killer.......teri yaadon mein khoya rehta hoon......that song must have been heard by all but no one knew the singer.  Similarly Ding Dong Ding Dole was a song....very hit.... played in every wedding around that time. There were various songs like that.....like Kya mujhe pyar hai ya......me.... friends around me.... school mates.... every one used to hum His songs....but no one knew.....and the trend continues.....but I lost my ignorance in or around 2009..... watched the winner of that  season's indian idol express the ultimate wish to meet KK. The name itself made me curious. A short form. I had started looking around singers of songs by then. Knew people like Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Pritam, Mika, Sunidhi, Shreya, Udit Narayan, Kumar Sanu, Alka Yagnik..... but nothing about this guy KK. No source of information at all. Used to watch singer interviews on music channels and those singing reality shows just to know if anyone says anything about these 2 letters - KK. Finally I got hold of the internet through bhaiya's Nokia C001 classic java phone. At that time there was a little info of KK on the internet. But thankfully there was this Wikipedia page with all the discography of Him. And then I came to know that most of the amazing songs we are around , are sung by Him. From then on I kept track of Him.  Sajde Kiye Hain Lakhon from Khatta Meetha and I am In Love from Once upon a time in mumbai were the first songs of KK that I heard after I came to know that these were sung by Him. And there on I fell for His singing. Firstly it was His voice that I fell for. That voice which makes you imagine a young charismatic college going boy of 21-22 with all the coolness and charm one can hold. Then I fell for his versatility. The ease with which He pulls off any tone, note, rhythm or scale. His long vocal range that can go as low and as high as it sounds good with that kind of fresh voice. No boundaries at all. Just take an example of Alvida or O Mama or Abhi Abhi or Soniyo or Tere Bin Ho Na Sakega Guzara or Chadhta Sooraj.. huh....list goes on. The feel and emotion I feel in His singing is rare. That is said for most of the established singers, yet for me what He renders touches the heart. Then the more I got to know him through His interviews, news interviews, radio interviews and all his videos on the internet, I fell for his sense of life. I fell for his personality. His views on life, fame, work. His principles of enjoying this ride. His nature and the person he is.

I am an agnostic, but if I think of myself as a believer, then I know He is God.

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  1. Dear Buddy,

    I am so glad to be reading this blog. I guess you know why since as a an ardent music fan myself and nurturing a love for some singer I can relate to that last line perfectly well. I guess you would be surprised to know that I actually KNEW it was KK when he reached the zenith of fame with Tadap Tadap in Hum Dil De Chukay Sanam and of course much later the movie Chocolate had the legendary Zehreeli Raatein and I was bowled over. I am not much of a fan of the kind of Music that trends in Bollywood but I would like to add that KK imparts his own touch and nobody does it like him. He cant be imitated and is beyond that. Much recently I LOVE Tu Jo Mila..have dedicated it to you so many times. And I do so again coz it binds us in our common love for him....

  2. subham ,mast blog ,i am 19 now and have known KK as a singer since childhood ,that is i knew that a guy named KK existed and siung songs ,i like everyone loved his songs but never credited him much because of his absence from limelight,but in my mind i knew that a song from KK ought be good and no less ,in other words i was always his fan.i had hardly seen him but knew him.But when i heard tu jo mila in 2015 ,i heard KK after a long time and all those memories flooded in ,thats when i started actually following him and kept a track of his live shows ,but i still have attended neither,i am a die hard KK fan like you who is madly in love with his voice and personality alike.great to find a fellow fan

    1. Hey Yash..... it's always more than happiness to meet a fellow who loves KK.
      I recently got to experience hHm live. It was truly heaven. And he sings perfectly as exact as his recordings. That too for a good long 3 hours.
      He is just amazing.

  3. What a wonderful write-up my friend. I could relate to every word you wrote or rather feel.
    I came to know about Him the first time I had listened to his voive; thanks to the cassettes & tape recorders. Albeit, songs like Woh Lamhe & Agar Tum Mil jao were famous from Zeher, I felt a rather strong connection to one voice; which became the voice of my heart soon: KK. Name so short, so simple yet such a big world it is for me. Over the years, I had enjoyed every chartbuster that released in his peak era of 2006-2010 and more importantly got to meet His devoted fans who became an integral part of my life.

    I have been very blessed for having gotten to meet Him on multiple occasions; and my love and respect for Him always incremented. He always greeted me with a child-like smile and a cozy hug. His thoughts, philosophy in life, not chasing Fame but making the best out of what He gets influenced me to change my career ambitions and follow His path.
    Only those ardent fans who know his work can appreciate the LEGEND He became. He is The Mesmerizer, Versatility King, Power Incarnate, The Voice of Our Hearts, Mr. Awesome and Soul of a Song. I will eternally be grateful for making my life colorful with His music. Wakai mein; Zindagi hogi jannat agar Tum Saath Ho

    1. Thanks Sandeep for these words. It's always exciting for me to meet a fellow KK lover. Wonderful.


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