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Thursday, February 5, 2015


Posted by Subham  |  4 comments

Love knows no limits.

My heart still feels she will be back. Its ridiculous, that someone breaks your heart, leaves you forever and you still love them with every broken piece, tears come out from your heart and covers your soul, still nothing can ease your pain.
People ask you reasons for your sadness and when you share your pain they tell their stories and try to convince they had gone through more bitter phases. Everyone can listen to your words but no one can understand your feelings, they ask you to be strong, and you have to pretend that you are happy because you don't want to punish your loved ones for your mistake.

Your soul cries sliently but your tears shouldn't tricle down, you want to share how you feel but you don't have words that describe your pain.
And you feel empty, you feel like dying but you have to live for your parents, you have to choose between "Die for your love" or "Live for your parents' love", physically you survive but emotionally you die.

I believe in loving someone forever, but waiting seems endless.
Love is the most amazing feeling but this gives the most unbearable pain as well. Lucky are the ones who are still with the person they love. Value them friends, because love is not easy to get, but once you fall in love it's impossible to forget.


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  1. If she comes back ,then it will be the best thing that can happen with you .
    If she does not ,then maybe she is happy without you ,what else matters to you other than her happiness?
    What is more important for you_her being with you or her happiness?

    1. There isn't any question of coming back. She never was with me and never will be.
      I appreciate your concern.

  2. Replies
    1. I am trying mate, trying damn hard to stop loving her.


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