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Friday, April 21, 2017

Brain Transplant

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Brain Transplant

The field of medical science is constantly evolving and now it has reached such a point that doctors are planning to perform brain transplants. It has been done successfully with some animals but now doctors hope to perform this on humans. I reckon the idea itself of brain transplantation is a very scary and devastating one, let alone the performing of the procedure because of its numerous problems.

Brain transplant has been successful on animals but that doesn’t mean it will be a success in human counterparts too. If anything is more complex than the Universe, it is the human brain. It is very difficult to connect each and every neurons which send and receive signals from the whole body, in their correct positions. That’s nearly impossible to reconnect all nerve endings correctly. It is highly possible that the body may reject the new brain as it has tendency to act on things which are foreign to it. Psychological effects may also arise. Even if the transplant is successful the person will no longer have his own identity in whole. The person will be distorted in parts as the uniqueness will disappear. You would feel trapped inside the body of another person. The advancement of technology is very beneficial to the world, but I don’t believe this medical technology of brain transplantation is going to help anyone. It will only create havoc if not good. We were born with our own brain which we have developed ourselves, from childhood to adolescence. The mind that we ourselves have developed into who we are, shouldn’t be messed with and given to another person in any case. People who died with healthy brain should also not have their brain put into someone else. Another question is should the brain be of the same age as the person who needs it? This could also bring up other factors such as intelligence, gender or physical problems a person had before death. Another problem would be to determine the duration up to which a brain can be kept alive after death and that too how without damage.

Finally, my thinking about this type of surgery is that it should be avoided on humans until doctors have overcome all the problems and the negative prospects associated with it as it could result in a hitherto never experienced level and quality of insanity.


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