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Friday, April 21, 2017

Camping Trip

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Camping Trip

It was the summer vacation of my fifth standard. My school was taking kids to a camping expedition organised by Tata Steel Adventure Foundation. The camp was held in Tumung. It is a village twenty kilometers away from Jamshedpur. It has locations for rock climbing, bouldering and caving.

I along with my friends reached the reporting place, JRD Tata Sports Complex early in the morning. Candidates were told to bring track suits, sports shoes, cap, sun glasses, writing material and torch along with normal things required for two days and one night stay. At the TSAF office we were given sleeping bags. It took us nearly an hour to reach the camp site. After the breakfast of boiled eggs and raajma, we were divided into groups of five. I had only one classmate in my group and the rest were seniors. Instructors gave us materials and a brief demo to set up tent. Groups were given tasks and at last the group with most points would win. First task was to hold a rope forming a circle and without leaving the rope we had to form a star holding the rope. Second task was to reach a specified end point with the group circling the whole perimeter of the site. There were numerous obstacles and hurdles on the way. We had to crawl two hundred metres under barbed wires. There was a wall of webbed ropes twenty feet high. Climbing that was hard. Climbing down the other side was harder. We had to cross a hundred metre rope tied between two trees, upside down holding the rope with hands and legs forming a loop. There was a long track full of stones and rough terrain making it hard to run fast. At the end of the perimeter there was a large pool full of mud and water. We had to swing to other side of the pool using a rope hanging above it. At night after dinner we were shown the documentary of Bachendri Pal’s Mt. Everest ascent.

The next day we had to cover the same perimeter again. We were to find hidden signs containing next location coordinates using compass. We climbed a mountain and came down abseiling. We also went through caves, rock craters and holes. We talked and took photos with Bachendri Pal. She signed autographs too.

The expedition was highly educational. It taught team-coordination, leadership, self-volunteering, surviving techniques and increased physical strength.

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