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Monday, March 5, 2018


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There is a short story by Rabindranath Tagore named The Postmaster. Satyajit Ray had made a movie about the same story as a tribute to Rabindranath. These poets, authors, directors, filmmakers, creative people experience life and weave them into such simple stories. There is so much to derive from those. We as people are always hungry for a little love, a little care and we start building a world of our own, going into a fallacy of our own that we start associating our life to the people who showered affection on us for even a brief period of time. We tend to totally go away form the reality that their own being is separate from our own. We expect and assume that we have become part of their life. But no, that's a mere mirage. How can it be possible? People will anyway be how they are. Just a few moments of adulation was on their part, not that it makes you a permanent acquaintance of them.

We need to realise this at the start of anything. During and even at the end. Because there always be an end if there was a start. We need to stay on the ground. No matter how beautiful or fulfilling it may seem. But the underlying reality will always prevail. We should avoid ourselves from becoming emotionally depended. It may not seem to be a big problem at the start, but later the harsh truth comes. It would be a little easy to live life that way.
A beautifully done work of a legend — Teen Kanya - The Postmaster.

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