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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Just Like That

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Earlier I used to think what to write. Now it's more of a vent, to let out things. I watched a movie called Ankhon Dekhi. It's one of those movies that make you think about it even after you've watched it and long after that you think about it. Today I realised that the people that talk about these kind of movies being parallel cinema or coining terms like art-house films must also understand that some people are watching movies not because of the cinematic experience they provide, but because of the acting, the direction, the screenplay, he accent of actors, the scenes and production design, the story above all. It can be safely assumed that most of the people consuming media on smaller mediums like a 5 inch mobile phone screen or a 14 inch laptop are not seeing it because of the cinematic appeal the movie provides but because of the viewpoint the movie is about or the story.

Otherwise there would be no one watching classics of Satyajit Ray or Amitabh Bachchan or any legend for that matter. I am not saying that those films don't have cinematic brilliance, of course they do, but most of them aren't in a position to compare themselves with the modern ones since the old prints are not that good anymore. And even if they are, they are preserved in places where normal people don't have access to.
Thank you Rajat Kapoor.

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