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Saturday, March 17, 2018


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We humans are quite mistaken about the prospects of us being in control of our actions, feelings, happenings and circumstances. But it may be very minute, the number of times of us being correct in that regard is surprisingly miniscule.
Even in situations when we know that something is wrong, that may lead to a bad thing, something that you are going into will lead to a wrong
occurrence, even then we may still do it. We actually lack the control towards certain things and involuntarily we fall into that. We regret it only when we are past our actions. At the time of happening, we seem to enjoy it, unknowingly grow it, leading to the regret later, no matter the fact you you already knew at the beginning that it was wrong. And then the circumstances, they will lure you, they will show you things that you want to see.

But you need to see through the haze. Then only one can remain happy and relevant later. At that moment due to the overwhelming environment one may get delusional, but to stay on path definitely has its perks.
Satyajit Ray's this work Charulata is also an original story by Rabindranath Tagore. Human life, relations and their portrayal at its best. Half into the film you will feel really happy. Seeing how Amal is, you will feel joy. Later on, you will get to see what wrong is going on. But that's my perspective, this may not be wrong for someone else. Even a part of me feels it wasn't Charu's fault. But since in the beginning I said that tend to lose control.
I am feeling confused now. Better stop writing. :P

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