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Friday, June 2, 2017

A few Lines

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Why do I feel sorrow.
Why does it feel hollow.
Is it just because she's hurt.
Or my heart is in confused dirt.

The mind says to withdraw
The compassion disagrees
This longing is for what.
I can't figure out.

Things are always complicated.
When will they be simple.
I hate this state of confusion.
Is there really a solution.

Am I doing the right thing
Am I doing really anything
Or everything is on its own
And I just go with the tone.

Sometimes I feel I am stupid.
I know nothing about cupid.
All this is for the first time
I am a noob in this dime.

But is it even real
The feel that it's surreal
Might be my misinterpretations
And my own false ideation.

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About Subham Ram

Subham is an undergraduate student pursuing his studies in IT. He is a curious fellow who wants to know everything about everything except somethings. He loves learning web-designing, singing, reading novels and a little bit of writing. Follow him on Twitter.


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