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Wednesday, February 1, 2017


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I don't know why people invented that word. That word is no short of acting as a nuclear weapon for an individual like me who isn't strong enough for things like those. There might be people like me who may feel that serious accusations like 'padhaku' should not be put unless and until it's really the fact. When I don't study at all and people call me padhaku I go into a state of lapse. Earlier I used to defend, now I am out of clue as my defence mechanism has accepted defeat.

Is it because you did well in school you're a padhaku, no matter how much time has passed after school?
Even after you've done very poor in plus two, you are a padhaku?
Even after you're not doing your graduation from any elite institute, you're a padhaku!
Even after you're just average in college, you're a padhaku!
Even after you've come to a stage that you start hating studies or you don't want people to see you with books (even if you're really not studying) just because you don't want them to consider/label you a padhaku.

Even after all this you would still find souls who launch that nuclear weapon upon you, not that they think about what this verbal wound could cause, but they're the people right? They have every right to say or feel whatever they want. I am yet to find out a solution to this. But because of this some may say, why or how does it matter to me. For them, they would never know it's how I am hard-wired. It's how I function or maybe it's true that I am weak, feeble.

P.S: 'Padhaku' is a hindi word which literally means 'Studious' but is used in a bullying way as an expletive/swear.

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