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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Had there been Someone

Posted by Subham  |  4 comments

I wish I had someone by my side now to talk to. Someone other than my relatives. Someone other than my friends. Someone special. Someone whom I could confide myself in. Someone whom I could talk to about anything. My insecurities.  My thoughts. My plans. My hopes. My dreams. Someone who would do the same to me. Someone being with whom I would feel safe. Someone I could always look forward to no matter the lows or highs. Someone to talk to endlessly. Someone who would take away the loneliness. Someone whom just talking to  would provide me with positive fresh energy. Someone whom I too would do the above things.
Enough. That's all for today.

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Subham is an undergraduate student pursuing his studies in IT. He is a curious fellow who wants to know everything about everything except somethings. He loves learning web-designing, singing, reading novels and a little bit of writing. Follow him on Twitter.


  1. Such people do not exist in reality.
    still I hope you will find that person(probably her) someday .

    1. They do. If you're lucky enough, you'll find them. And they may be around you close, you just need to seek them.

  2. Okay so I check in your blog and I literally feel like strangling you (DONT YOU DARE ASK WHY!!!) There has been a whole series of posts and I have been updated on ONLY ONE!!! The 9th Circle of Hell Dante talked about is meant for friends like you!! You are gonna get it real bad from me now! Be ready

    1. Sorry di. Forgot to tell u about other posts.


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