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Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Mindless

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I am really a very high standard idiot. The foolishness in me is vast. Sometimes it's beyond measure. The pristine universe's space isn't huge enough to explain my stupidity. I may also see it as my extreme prowess of taking shortcuts by my dear brain. My brain is so lazy that it takes shortcuts even for the most obvious things. It's an incredible catastrophic kind of resource which has gone out of it's usual doings. If I am to meet someone shouldn't I call them before going out to the meeting venue? But no! My brain takes a shortcut and doesn't think about it, since it has come to know the fact that the person might have already reached just because her father (my father as well) called me telling that why don't I get up, brush my teeth, take bath, have breakfast and go and meet her. Here my brain thinks let's get going because I am already late as I played 4 battles (Clash of Clans) since my father called.

Thus, here I am again in burning anger, cursing myself the whole lot of expletives the mankind has ever invented and known. During this whole 2 hours of waiting which is still on, I would have easily completed my achievement of 1250 trophies under the cool fan on my bed away from this evaporating heat and sweat. I hate this that I wasted this much of time. Why am I waiting here under this tree and typing this article which I think will be in my blog after a very long break. Maybe I start writing only when am too angry or feel very empty. Doesn't matter. I have already thrown my anger on my phone's keypad. But there's still a lot of it for my beloved sister when she arrives.
Enjoy the sun!
Cheers :D

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