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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A very bad day!

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bad day in progress
Today was a very bad day. And by today I mean the real scientific today(haha!). I went to bed at 1:00 pm but was not able to sleep. All thanks to my fellow roommates. One of my roommate along with one of our hostel-mate played some stupid game on the latter's laptop till 8 am in the morning. In my cycles of sleep, I could hardly sleep. Just as the deep phase of my sleep was getting over, I was getting woken up by these two idiots' laughter and howling. Every time my sleep broke I was bursting with anger but I didn't say anything to those morons. Right now am feeling like chewing them up. Instead of shouting on them I am hitting my laptop keys. And in anger I have decided to start blogging. This is my first blog and am writing my disappointments of the day in it. Great fool I am.

Today I had my first semester ICP lab exam 1 which was the good thing of the day as it went quite good. My scores aren't relevant here I guess! But they are quite good. After returning from the exam at 2:30 pm, I found my room locked with a different lock. I asked the warden if my roommate had given him the key to keep, as he does whenever he doesn't use the common lock. I searched the reception, but no, the dumbo had forgotten to keep the key with the warden. I felt like hitting my head on the wall. Then when my anger resided a little, I went to the E-library of the college. There I waited till his exam got over. During that time I downloaded The Mummy(1999). And did some miscellaneous surfing and Facebook. Finally now am in my room, still in frustration and agony. I should kill my fellow roommates.

Oh, I should tell you that I have three roommates, one of them is simple. The other two are the bad ones. They aren't just bad, they are worst. The one who didn't let me sleep is Abhishek and the one who kept me waiting for key is Sitansu.

Rest of the story, some other day.
Spit the anger! :-D

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